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Café Lumière (2003)

a.k.a. Kôhî jikô, หนังสือ กาแฟ รักแท้ไม่มีบทบรรยาย

รัก • ไม่รัก


Cafe Lumiere - dual burden is split between the film - protagonist Yoko (Hitito Yo) and her friend Hajime (Asano Tadanobu), an owner of a small bookshop.

Hajime - pastime is to travel Tokyo - serpentine train and subway lines making live audio recordings of the dynamic, found sounds. Yoko is ostensibly working at a career as a writer but more likely is simply a university graduate searching around her for a purpose. She is currently attached to the idea of researching Jiang Ewn-Ye, a Taiwanese pianist who moved to Japan and flourished in popularity and in a number of arts.

Tags: Bookshop