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Campfire: Four films by Bavo Defurne (2000)

a.k.a. Kampvuur

Short Films | Foreign | Belgium | 55 min
รัก • ไม่รัก


Kampvuur/Campfire (1999) 21min
Joram Schurmans, Koen Van Heule, Circé Lethem, Maarten Verbeuren

Campfire is shot using a color drenched palette that brings the extraordinary beauty of these teens to light. There is a coed group of teenagers on a trip in the woods. There is an obvious attraction between two of the boys, Tijl and Wout. But Wijl has a girlfriend, Ineke. Tijl's attraction becomes so overwhelming that he breaks it off with his girlfriend shortly before the two boys go off themselves on their own little journey. The filmmaker shows a little tenderness, kissing and then some morning after regrets. Wout not only avoids Tijl, but they later fight. Without many words, Defurne tells this story and more in a wholly original fashion.

Particularly Now, In Spring (1995) 7min
Olaf Nollen, Bart, Ignace, Sven, Tom, Adriaan, Johan, Werner De Smedt, Alexander, Mark, Stefaan, Alain Van Goethem, Oswin, Geert

This very homoerotic short film takes us into the boys swim team locker room. The boys take their clothes off (no full frontal nudity) and take a swim. There is English narration.

Matroos (1998) 16 min
Joram Schurmans, Tom de With, Tim Peters, Hilde Wils, Jason Nardone

This color-drenched film is clearly influenced by the photographic work of Pierre et Gilles. A gorgeous young man takes a bath while fantasizing about his sailor boyfriend. Where fantasy ends and reality begins is unknown - it may all be fantasy. There are scenes of sailor seductions and motorcycle rides all shot in some of the brightest digital video we've seen.

Saint/Sailor (1996) 10 min
Olaf Nollen, Alexis Van Stratum, Moenen Erbuer, Emile Ringoot

Music and ambient sound surround the surreal death of St. Sebastian in this homoerotic telling of the 3rd century Roman martyr. The same sexy star, Olaf Van Stratum as in Particularly Now, In Spring. (Dutch with English subtitles)

Tags: Gay