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Cibrail - A love in Berlin (2011)

a.k.a. Cibrâil Eine Liebe in Berlin

Drama | Foreign | Germany | 70 min
รัก • ไม่รัก


Cibrâil, a young policeman, lives happily with his art-dealer girlfriend in Berlin. Everything seems fine, money is not a problem, and Cibrâil is well integrated into German society, despite his Turkish origins. What is the reason for his sleepless nights? A gay cousin of his girlfriend who lives permanently in Rome, comes to visit them but that does not seem to disturb their relationship, or at least on the surface. The guest is friendly, free and enjoys being on his own. He wanders around in town and takes pictures. He has also some love affairs. Cibrâil gets close to him, almost unwittingly: they jog, go for a stroll and confide their secrets to each other. But sometimes attraction can be fatal. In Berlin, a cold city where disturbing episodes of homophobia take place, a story about undisclosed passions told in a frigid, unemotional and minimalist style.

Tags: Gay